DDoS Protection

Peakhour's Anycast network distributes requests across our global network. Combined with our WAF, Anomaly Detection, Bot Management, and Advanced Rate Limiting features you get Layer 7 protection that works.

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Layer 7 Protection
With our expertise centered on Layer 7, Peakhour's DDoS protection is designed to meticulously safeguard your applications, websites, and web APIs from targeted and complex attacks.

Dynamic Adaptation
As cyber threats evolve, so does our defense. Our DDoS protection system adapts to changing attack patterns, ensuring your business continuity without any performance compromise.

Effortless Integration
Onboard seamlessly with Peakhour's DDoS protection. Our user-friendly setup ensures uninterrupted operation, ensuring business continuity with guaranteed uptime.

"Peakhour's DDoS protection specializes in Layer 7 security, uniquely focusing on the application layer to shield your digital assets. We understand that Layer 7 attacks are intricate and require a robust defense. Our solution is fine-tuned to mitigate HTTP(S) GET and POST request floods, SlowLoris attacks, and other advanced Layer 7 threats. With Peakhour, your business stays protected."

Advanced Rate Limiting

Peakhour's Advanced Rate Limiting allows you to count requests on connecting client characteristics, network, country, headers and more, rather than traditional IP based counting. Easily set up layers of protection that catch distributed attacks regardless of the sophistication.

Anomaly Detection

Exclusively focusing on Layer 7, Peakhour's system can spot traffic anomalies in seconds, and can surgically mitigate the most sophisticated and harmful attacks targeting your applications and services.

Comprehensive Security and Bot Management

Our massive database of IP threat intelligence and multi layered security and bot management means emerging threats and attacks are stopp

Deploy on our global network in just 5 minutes

All you need to do is action a simple DNS change and we will start optimising content, caching static assets on our global network, and securing your website from attackers.

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