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Give your Magento store an Edge over its competitors. Increase conversions, stop fraud, stop competitive price scrapers, and stop malicious attacks by using Peakhour

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Peakhour protects your Magento store, and your customers, from all types of attacks, including Account Takeovers, fraud, card cracking, Magecart, hacking, competitive price scraping, and more.


Reduction in fraud


Peakhour improves conversions and Core Web Vitals by caching and optimising the delivery of your web application.


Increase in conversions


Peakhour lets you effortlessly scale your store by stopping malicious traffic steadily consuming server resources and eliminates sudden traffic spikes from DDoS attacks.


Reduction in server load

Complete Enterprise Security

Peakhour provides 360 degree security with 4 layers of protection to stop all types of attacks. IP Threat Intelligence, AI Driven Dual WAF with Virtual Patching and Zero Day protection, Advanced Rate Limiting, and Advanced Bot Management ensure your store is always available to serve your legitimate customers.

Eliminate downtime from disruptive DoS attacks, protect your customers from Account Takeovers, reduce infrastructure costs, and keep your competitive pricing edge by blocking bots.

Turns into

Improve Performance to Increase Conversions

100ms is all it takes to have an impact on eCommerce conversions. Peakhour directly integrates with Magento to enable Full Page Caching at the Edge for the fastest possible load times, no more Varnish required. Combined with Origin Shielding your store will have the best possible cache hit rates from our strategically placed edge locations.

Performance can be further enhanced with advanced features like early hints, link headers, significant query parameters, request collapsing and more.

Automatic Image Optimisation

Peakhour's image optimisation automatically chooses the best image format (AVIF, JPEG, JXL, WEBP, PNG) for your client device and the optimal compression level, without affecting quality. Effortlessly resize, crop, trim, watermark, and more to create endless variants from a single master image to streamline your imaging pipeline.

See how much you could be saving by optimising the images on your website with our free image optimisation tool.

50% original size

Deploy on our global network in just 5 minutes

All you need to do is action a simple DNS change and we will start optimising content, caching static assets on our global network, and securing your website from attackers.

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