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Improvement in mobile load times improved eCommerce conversions 8%, according to Deloitte inits Milliseconds Make Millions report.


improvement in mobile conversions

Meet Expectations
Nearly 50% of users expect a website to load in less than 2s.


For a website to load

Don't Burn Customers
Acquiring customers is the hard part. Losing them is easy. Don't burn repeat purchases by being slow.


Wouldn't buy again from a slow site

A Faster Website = More Money

Cache more at the Edge with Advanced Caching

Peakhour's Advanced caching capabilities has the power and flexibility of Varnish, combined with the usability of rules. Cache tags (surrogate keys), Custom Cache Keys (vary on cookies), and Origin Shielding allow you to cache more, invalidate the cache less, and have higher hit rates, for your content than ever before. Our plugins for popular CMS platforms enable efficient Full Page Caching at the Edge. B

Serve your content at lightning speed from our global CDN and by offloading your work to the edge your server is more resources to serve content when needed.

50% original size

Deliver Pixel Perfect Images at the Smallest Possible Size

Your website images are automatically optimised and served in the best possible format for the requesting device with JPEG, JXL, AVIF, WEBP, and PNG all full supported. Cut Megabytes of your page size speeding up content delivery for your clients.

Utilise our fully featured API for manipulating and resizing images to create endless variants for different screen sizes, thumbnails and more.

Block Unwanted Traffic

Up to 50% of internet traffic is automated, 30% of that is malicious. Use Peakhour's advanced Bot Management and Web Application Firewall to eliminate that traffic, and prevent Bots from overloading your server at critical times.

Your server will be able to respond faster to real users.

Deploy on our global network in just 5 minutes

All you need to do is action a simple DNS change and we will start optimising content, caching static assets on our global network, and securing your website from attackers.

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