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Protect against OWASP Top 10 threats, virtual patch applications, and use the power of AI to get protection against Zero day threats

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High Detection Rate
WAF offers an industry leading 91% detection rate, providing robust security measures to ensure the safety of your online assets.


detection rate

Comprehensive Protection
From OWASP Top-10 Threats to L7 DDoS, Bots and IPs, our WAF gives you peace of mind against a wide array of threats.


Layers of protection

Flexible Deployment
Whether you operate on AWS, GCP, Azure, or IBM Cloud, WAF seamlessly integrates with various platforms, offering private, hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions.


Works with all providers

"Unmatched Security for Your Web Application. With a 91% detection rate, experience the next-level protection you can trust. "

Modern API Protection

Secure your exposed and internal APIs against API OWASP Top 10 and more. Peakhour's WAF is designed to protect both cloud-native APIs and legacy web applications.

WAF Replacement

Move beyond traditional web application firewalls with WAF, designed to protect modern applications on the web scale, meeting security compliance.

Bot Mitigation

Identify and stop malicious bots from performing harmful actions with our advanced Bot Mitigation features.

IP Intelligence

By understanding the geographical origin, reputation, and behavior of incoming IPs, our IP Intelligence swiftly identifies potential threats and secures your network.

Deploy on our global network in just 5 minutes

All you need to do is action a simple DNS change and we will start optimising content, caching static assets on our global network, and securing your website from attackers.

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