Cloud Load Balancing.

Peakhour can act as a traditional load balancer to your setup, or leverage our global network for powerful geo based multi origin load balancing.

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Global Server Load Balancer
Distribute traffic across multiple data centers or hybrid cloud environments. Performance-based routing sends requests to the data center with the best connection time, while geography-based routing distributes traffic based on user location, ensuring high availability and reliable performance.

Local Server Load Balancer
Optimize traffic distribution across local servers using intelligent algorithms. Maximise application performance and reduce server load, ensuring seamless and efficient traffic management within your localized infrastructure.

Real Time Analytics and Monitoring
Continuous health and performance checks with real-time dashboards. Rapidly detect outages, eliminate downtime, and make informed decisions to keep your application delivery stream running smoothly.

"Empower Your Traffic Distribution with PeakHour's Load Balancer! Global or Local, We Have You Covered. Experience the Pinnacle of Performance, Availability, and Efficiency. Join the Revolution in Traffic Management."

Global Server Load Balancer

By evaluating connection times and user geolocation, PeakHour ensures optimal distribution across your global infrastructure. A solution designed for organizations operating multiple data centers or hybrid cloud environments.

Local Server Load Balancer

Focused on maximizing local application performance, PeakHour's Local Server Load Balancer utilizes smart algorithms to distribute traffic within your localized servers, guaranteeing performance and reducing load.

  • Round Robin: This method systematically allocates requests across all available servers in a cyclical fashion, ensuring even distribution. It's a simple yet effective way to balance load and fully utilize resources.
  • IP Stickiness: Also known as IP affinity, this approach directs a user's requests to the same server based on their IP address. This method minimizes latency and enhances user experience by routing traffic in a consistent and predictable manner.

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