IP Threat Intelligence

Use the knowledge of the crowd to form the first line of defence for you application.

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Preemptive Security
IP Intelligence allows for proactive threat prevention, reducing the risk of breaches and attacks.

Largest Database

Tracks over 900,000,000 IPs

Tailored Control
Implement rules specific to your organization’s needs, ensuring that your data is accessible only to those you trust.

15 Lists

Organised by threat type

Strategic Analytics
Leverage detailed data on IP interactions, allowing your team to make informed decisions and continually refine your security strategy.

Up to date

Crowd sourced every minute

"IP Intelligence in WAF is a feature designed for modern network security. By analyzing and understanding the context of every IP that tries to interact with your system, it creates a robust first line of defense against potential threats."

Advanced Threat Detection

By understanding the geographical origin, reputation, and behavior of incoming IPs, our IP Intelligence swiftly identifies threats and secures your network.

Enhanced Access Control

Control who accesses your data by setting rules based on IP attributes. IP Threat Intelligence allows you to enforce custom access policies tailored to your business needs.

Threats are categorised into 22 different categories that can be used to block outright, or combined with other request attributes to block or provide extra information to the origin by decorating requests. For example you may want to flag account creation, new orders, etc coming from datacenters or hosting providers to prevent fraud.

Analytics and Insight

Receive detailed analytics on the traffic entering your network. Understand user behavior and detect anomalies with IP Intelligence, facilitating informed decision-making and constant improvement.

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