Origin Shield

Modern CDNs have multitudes of servers that each manage their own cache of your website's content. Origin shielding can dramatically increase the cache hit rate for your site.

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Better Cache Hit Rates
Origin Shield provides an extra caching layer which can have a huge improvement in cache hit rates.


Average improvement in CHR

Reduce Origin Load
By increasing your cache hit rate and utilising request collapsing you can signficantly reduce the number of requests to your origin, reducing load and saving on egress fees.


Reduction in server load

Faster loading
Directing traffic through the Peakhour POP nearest to your origin ensures better network performance. Traffic traverses our high throughput network to the origin shield cutting down on latency to your origin.


Reduction in network latency

"Origin Shield serves as a centralised caching layer, intelligently routing all requests to the closest point-of-presence (POP) to the origin. This smart routing increases the cache hit ratio, reducing the load on your origin, and enhances the performance and availability of your digital platform."

How Does It Work?

Designating a POP as the aggregation point for incoming uncached requests, Origin Shield minimises the number of requests to your origin server. This routing increases your cache hit ratio, enabling faster content delivery, more efficient performance, and no downtime at your origin.

Who Can Benefit?

Whether for live streaming, image handling, or multi-CDN workloads, businesses across sectors can leverage Origin Shield to reduce latency, improve user experience, and realise cost reduction.

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