Improve Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are Google's way of measuring the user experience of your website. Improving them drives conversions and business outcomes.

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Make more sales
Improving Core Web Vitals leads directly to website business outcomes.


More sales for Vodafone Italy by improving LCP

Rank higher
Core web vitals are used by Google as a search signal in organic rankings.


Ranking uplift For Redbus Columbia by improving CLS

Engage your users
A better page experience translates to lower bounce rates and more page views.


More page views for Yahoo Japan after fixing CLS

Improve your web vitals without changing your site

Peakhour directly improves LCP and CLS

Peakhour's performance features can dramatically improve your LCP and CLS without any changes to your site. Cache more at the Edge than ever before with Advanced Caching, Origin Shield, and request collapsing to dramatically reduce page load times and reduce server load.

Optimise your website delivery by specifying browser hints in Link headers and deliver them with Early Hints. Further optimise performance by automatically moving third party resources onto your main host name with content mounting.

Peakhour maintains an ever growing list of CMS plugins to enable optimal Full Page Caching strategies to supercharge your load times and reduce server load.

Turns into
50% original size

Shrink load times by shrinking your images

Peakhour's automatic image optimisation transparently chooses the best image format (AVIF, JPEG, JXL, WEBP, PNG) for your client device and the optimal compression level, without affecting quality.

See how much you could be saving by optimising the images on your website with our free image optimisation tool.

Stop bots slowing down your real customers

Automated software (Bots) accounts for around 50% of internet traffic, 30% of that is malicious. Peakhour's comprehensive security features allows you to reclaim that 30% of server resources, making your website faster for your real customers.

Deploy on our global network in just 5 minutes

All you need to do is action a simple DNS change and we will start optimising content, caching static assets on our global network, and securing your website from attackers.

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