Advanced Rate Limiting

IP based rate limiting is no longer effective. Protect against Layer 7 DDoS, Account Takeover, Scrapers, Vulnerability scanners and more with next-gen Advanced Rate Limiting.

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Precise Protection
Go beyond the IP Address and utilise keys like headers, ASN, country, IP, and fingerprints to count requests. Curb malicious traffic without penalising authentic users.

Granular Control
Configure filters and thresholds that align with your business logic, ensuring continuous protection against emerging threats.

Unmetered Protection
Advanced Rate Limiting offers comprehensive protection without hidden costs. Avoid unexpected expenses related to traffic spikes and attacks.

"Guard your applications and APIs with Peakhour's Advanced Rate Limiting. Precisely define rate limiting rules using keys like cookies, ASN, country, IP, and fingerprints, securing your content without hindering legitimate users."

Fine Targeting with Rules

Gain granular control over rate limiting by defining precise rules based on request and response parameters, allowing a more nuanced approach to security.

Separate the counting and enforcement rules. For example count failed logins, ban everywhere.

Configurable Request Thresholds

Define and tier thresholds that protect websites and APIs from suspicious requests. Select from configuration options including specific URLs, request methods, status codes, and request limits, ensuring a tailored fit.

Customisable Keys

Utilise keys like cookies, ASN, country, IP, and fingerprints to customise rate limiting rules. Obtain accurate protection that curbs malicious traffic without penalising authentic users, with fine targeting through request and response rules.

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