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Peakhour secures websites, applications, and APIs from DDoS attacks, bots, scrapers, hackers, and more, while simultaneously enabling the fastest possible experience for your clients.

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Enterprise Security And Performance. For Everyone.
Full Site Delivery

Get the power of 5 products in one. Advanced Caching on a global CDN, Dedicated WAF/WAAP, Advanced Bot Management, Image Optimisation and API, Layer 7 DDoS, all in one.

Enterprise for Everyone

Don't pay $1000s to get adequate protection or performance. Peakhour offers competitor's Enterprise features on our lowest plan.

Legendary Support

Don't rely on community forums to get help, or wait a day for a ticket response. Peakhour support is always at hand to assist.

Total Website And API Security

Secure Your Websites, Applications and APIs against:

Account Takeovers, Price Scraping, Layer 7 DDoS attacks, Brute Forcing, Vulnerability Scanning, Fraud, Card Cracking, Bad Bots, OWASP Top 10, and more with zero latency, no CAPTCHAs and unparalleled accuracy.

Peakhour blocks threats
Peakhour analytics

Get Deep, Actionable, insights into Threats

Get detailed analytics into threats with the ability to export access logs, and seamlessly integrate with your SIEM.

Extreme Website Performance

Optimise your Core Web Vitals

Optimise your Core Web Vitals metrics to improve your search engine rankings and lower your adwords costs.

Peakhour optimises the DELIVERY of your website without changing your current website or hosting. We can also provide recommendations for actual website changes to make further gains.

Peakhour clients typically see a 60% improvement in Core Web Vital scores.

Peakhour blocks threats
Increase Conversions

Maximise Conversions and Engagement

Even if you think your website speed is fine, small differences in page load times can have a huge impact on conversions and engagement.

  • Deloitte's 'Milliseconds make millions' report found that just a 0.1s improvement in mobile site speed resulted in a 8.4% increase in retail conversions.
  • The BBC lost 10% of users for every extra second their site took to load.
  • Google found If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load up to 50% of your visitors might leave.

Peakhour guarantees you'll have a faster loading website. Our client's typically see a 30% increase in revenue.

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